As previously discussed, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (now known as Meta) are updating and changing all of the time.

And once again, the Social+ team are here to help breakdown the updates for you. Explaining what they mean for your business.

The Meta-verse can be exhausting for business owners, so we’ll get right into it!

Firstly, Meta have decided to tackle Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are an excellent way to build a strong community for your customers. Ultimately resulting in loyalty and support, with a knock-on-effect on your pages reach and engagement.

Meta have enhanced the sense of community, by allowing admins to determine specific colour themes, fonts and post backgrounds.

As well as unique reaction emojis tailored to your group.

When a user enters your group, they can be sent personalised welcome messages automatically.

Important messages that you want to be seen by all members, for example Christmas opening hours or sale dates, can be pinned at the top of the group to increase visibility.

Facebook are also in the process of testing new features for 2022.

These features include the ability to create sub-groups, set up shops for group merchandise, setting up paid sub-groups for subscriptions and exclusive content, and the ability to create community fundraisers.

Facebook are also looking into testing community chats on Messenger and recurring events to allow easier planning for groups.

Meta have also been updating Instagram this month.

All users can now add links to their stories, regardless of the number of followers or blogger-status.

Users can also now delete singular images from carousel posts.

For now, that is all the Meta updates explained. However we have no doubt that we will be back early next year explaining more!

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