As we all know, Instagram loves to update its algorithm regularly, so look no further as we dive into the latest hacks to improve your accounts reach, engagement, and follow count!

If you work in social media, knowing the latest updates is a huge bonus in making an Instagram account go from little engagement to becoming viral.

Here are 5 hacks to beat the latest update

#1 Create Engaging and Original Content 

Instagram supports original content creators!

We all love to see our favourite memes and videos pop up on our feed but more recently, Instagram accounts have been resharing viral content to improve personal account engagement rate. The new algorithm update is against this trend!

The new Instagram update favours accounts of any size, that create original high-quality content. This includes original sounds, editing, and content originality. Here at Social Plus, we love to have daily brainstorming meetings to come up with the next viral trend.

#2 Share Regular Stories with Interactive Prompts 

Sharing stories regularly increases your account’s reach. When an account shares a story, the accounts that interact with your profile will automatically be shown at the top of their news feed that you have recently published.

The latest update also promotes your story to accounts you interact with who follow you back. 

A hack we love to use at Social Plus is tagging locations, hiding hashtags behind story content, and encouraging engagement using interactive prompts! All these little tips and tricks boost exposure which can lead to new followers, increase engagement, and can create a loyal following. 

#3 Keywords 

#fashion #fitness #food

Keywords describe your content.

The use of keywords in captions and in hashtags allows your target audience to discover your content on the explore page and hashtag page easier! This new update improves your content’s exposure to new potential followers, and we love this! It’s quick and easy to do but the overuse of keywords may not show the best results.

We suggest using hashtags that are relevant to your niche and the content show.

#4 Remove Visible Watermarks From Content

We all know Instagram is all about its community and supports original content creators.

But what about resharing original content from other apps? Do they like this?

If an Instagram account publishes content that contains visible watermarks from other apps, the new Instagram update will de-prioritise the content that has been published and will reduce the post’s reach.

Instagram likes to keep its community on the app!

Here at Social Plus we use our own tricks to avoid de-prioritising videos.

#5 Experiment with Creative Tools; Text, Camera Effects, or Filters

Instagram loves original content, and one way the app checks for this is by looking for signs of Instagram creative tools! These tools are built in-app and are prioritised by the new update! 

Does this mean we all need to stop editing off the app?


If you enjoy creating content away from the app can still do this! We suggest adding the effects to your already edited post in the app.

In Summary

The best way to increase your accounts reach, engagement, and follower count is to know your niche, understand your audience, and create original engaging content regularly that you enjoy. These final tips will not only boost your numbers but also keep you doing what you love to do.