Have you ever wondered how your favourite brand built its empire online or how a small local business went from having no followers to thousands?

We call it the Facebook rule book.

What to do and what not to do to help you grow your accounts online.

Here are some of our top tips to help you achieve your Facebook goals.

DO use your branding

When posting content you want people to know who you are, and show why your company stands out from the crowd, and the best way to do this is through branding. This could be posting your logo, using specific colours/imagery, and the tone of the text.

DON’T Over post

Posting content to your account regularly is important to keep your followers entertained and engaged. Publishing multiple posts on the same day will fill your follower’s newsfeeds with all your company content. This may seem like a great way to promote but publishing multiple times a day will spam your followers which could lead to unfollows.

This is not the goal!

The best way to increase follows is to create a content schedule with a goal. This goal could be to increase engagement, and followers or to learn about your audience.

Another benefit of using a content calendar is this allows you to spend more time building client relations, building loyalties, and researching the best relative hashtags to use online.

DO Fill out your profile

Filling your profile, especially the about section is extremely important to encourage page visitors to like your Facebook page. The about section tells a person who you are as a company, your goals, location, and opening times. 

This information alone can encourage page viewers to scroll through your page to view your business’s quality content, company engagement, location tags, and collaborations.

DON’T Ignore targeting

When publishing content online it is always important to set your business goals and not lose sight of this. We all love to see people interacting with our content. But, the content you post must relate to your business branding and meet your targets.

It is very tempting to publish a trending post you know will perform well. We suggest still posting this trend but make the trend meet your branding.

For example, here at Social Plus we run a Tiktok account and use popular and trending sounds. We use these sounds and change the trend to fit our brand.

Check it out!