How do influencers become “influencers”? Here at Social Plus, we have been rummaging through the social accounts of the top influencers to date to uncover the secret of Influencer success!

Here are the best tips and tricks Influencers use to grow their accounts!

#1 Create a Business or Creator Profile

An influencer is a person who is their own brand. Like any business, it’s good to know who is interested in what you do but most importantly who engages with you.

When a personal profile changes to a business or creator account, you will instantly gain access to hidden features such as Instagram analytics.

These analytics will teach you about your audience and which of your content performs best.

The more you know, the better!

You will also gain access to the optional use of a contact button so your current and new followers can reach out to you off the app.

You can switch your personal account by going to Settings>Account>Switch to Business Account

#2 Change Your Name

If you are a brand with a small following, low-engagement, and want to change this?

Then change your account name!

That’s right. If an account updates its username, the profile will stand out to even more potential followers.

How does this work?

For example, if you run a vegan travel blog and the account name is “Marie,” you could change the account name to “Marie Vegan Travel Blog.”

Including keywords in the account name categorises the account to your niche.

When a profile is categorised, this increases the visibility of the profile to new potential followers in the explore section of Instagram.

More Exposure = Positive Outcome

#3 Know Your Niche

This is your online identity. 

Knowing your niche and keeping up to date with regular on-brand content will increase your reach, engagement, and followers!

These followers make your own community of accounts who are all interested in the same topics you cover and engage with you.

No niche is exclusive to an influencer title. It is all about creating engaging content that you and others enjoy!

#4 Content Calendar

Here at Social Plus, we love to plan ahead!

Planning and scheduling content allows creators the opportunity to post consistently.

It also grants time for creators to brainstorm new ideas to post original content.

Posting regular content keeps your account audience engaged, interactive, and wanting to keep following your accounts journey.

#5 Hashtags

We all have come across an account that uses hashtags that don’t represent their content.

#food on a picture of clothes?

We advise you to use hashtags wisely as they are also known as keywords. Keyword tagging categorises your content on the Instagram explore page.

The perfect place to be discovered!

#6 Master Short Video Content

Short video content is a trend people love! It allows content creators a small-time frame to show their niche in a fun original way!

People’s lives are so busy so the key to mastering short video content is to create upbeat, engaging, and relevant content which relates to your brand!

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