In the chaotic world of work and business, how do you manage your own or your team’s workflow?

Organisation is a fundamental part of running a business. However, keeping track of multiple people and tasks can sometimes seem like an impossible job.

When it comes to keeping track of assigning and performing numerous tasks, things can become a little complicated.

But not to worry because in the digital landscape, there’s constant development of new apps and technologies. This means there’s a wide variety of organisational tools to help you and your team stay organised.

The use of these tools makes organisation and the running of your business that much easier!

Implementing some of these tools across larger teams may be a bit of a learning curve. But with time, they can become an integral part of the structure of your organisation.

Here’s just a few of the many tools you can use to assist you in the organisation of your business.


Trello is a versatile organisational tool that is not limited to a specific line of work. This tool is designed to allow your team to visualise and effortlessly track your ideas.

Your tasks, projects, or ideas are laid out in an aesthetically pleasing list in the form of ‘cards.’ You can add notes, files, and links alongside labels that allow you to track the progress of your tasks.

Trello allows you to collaboratively work on tasks and manage projects. Tasks can be labelled, prioritised, and marked with specific due dates to help you stay organised. You can even assign a specific task to a specific team member who will then be notified.


If you work as part of an agency with multiple clients, time management is critical. Additionally, some teams that work in-house may need to track the time they spend on a project.

However, time tracking can seem like a dreaded chore when it comes to timesheets. Not only does this take time in itself, but it also leaves you vulnerable to human error and other issues. The lack of a time tracking tool can result in guesstimates and lost billables.

But a time management tool like Toggl Track could be the answer to all your problems.

Toggl allows you to stay informed, accountable, and transparent. It presents your team with a time tracking tool that is both non-invasive and easy to use.

Furthermore, Toggl Track allows you to create labels and assign each of your tasks to a specific client/group.

Additionally, Toggle offers Toggl Plan to further improve team organisation. It allows you to visually plan projects and track progress all while making sure your team receives a healthy workload.


Another tool that allows your team to organise, manage and, monitor tasks is Asana. This is a great tool for teams to collaborate on both current and pending projects.

From planning projects to tracking progress, Asana assists you in staying organised and in control.

Furthermore, you can create private tasks for sensitive projects. This allows you to manage who sees what and prevents important data from being changed or lost.

All of your team’s plans, conversations and documents are stored in one place. This means you can collaborate no matter where you are.

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