What does SERP mean?

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are what you receive back after putting a query or search into Google or any other search engine. SERPs usually include organic search results, paid Google ads results, featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and video results. While SERPs can include all of these features, the main two are Paid and Organic search engine results. Paid ads will appear at the top of the page. Your seo ranking determines the order in which you show up in oganic search results, the goal is to be as high up as possible.

Why is a higher SEO ranking important?

In short terms, without a good SEO Ranking, you won’t get organic traffic. Meaning you also won’t get high traffic, visibility, conversions, or authority. Your ranking will determine the placement your site has on the results page, the higher the better! It is unlikely your website will have good traffic and conversions on the 2nd page. Effective keyword research is very important, some keywords or searches can become overcrowded or saturated.

Why should you pay attention to SERPs?

When working on your SEO Ranking for certain keywords or searches it’s important to check the SERP. As mentioned before some pages can be overcrowded with ads if very popular. Featuring number 1 on less busy SERPs is much more likely to bring you organic traffic.  There are more “no click” searches than ever before, this is for the most part down to “featured snippets”. Featured snippets are the results at the top of the page when you input a question into Google. These snippet results are usually simple text answering the question or previews of the associated website. For example, focusing SEO Ranking on keywords or searches with featured snippets is also less likely to bring organic results. For these reasons, it’s important you check the SERPs of potential keywords you wish to target.

What’s next?

One of the first things we would do on the site itself is fix all URLs, links, and update the content on your pages to improve your ranking on SERPs. Making sure all images are high quality and include alt tags relevant to the keywords and searches. Alt tags are hidden tags that describe what images are if they are unable to load, or when a screen reader is used by a visually impaired user.

A great way to improve your SEO ranking is to add relevant Alt tags. Making sure to include links to both your own pages and relevant external pages can greatly improve your SEO Ranking. Loading speed is one of the biggest things to deter potential customers and affects your SEO Ranking. Whilst we know that the Google algorithm is always making changes, we know Page loading speed is on the list! The general performance of your site will have an impact on its ranking!

Once we have looked at these factors on the website then it’s time to take on the keyword research so we can ensure that your business is finding its way to the top of the SERPs.

Time to add SEO into your business strategy?

Having a website that shows up at the top of search engine results is essential for your business. Your website acts as your shop window and shows that you are a professional business and allows leads to find your company online. Optimising your visibility and SEO Ranking is more important than ever.

Here at Social+, we design, build, maintain, and optimise websites to help your business gain an edge over the competition. We can help improve your SEO Ranking and gain the best visibility possible for your business.

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