The vast majority of us will have had a Facebook notification over the weekend where someone has invited you to like a business page. It’s a viral post that comes around every now and again with different headings. It’s usually posted onto business pages encouraging their followers to “support their business”. Business page likes skyrocket, and everything seems good in the world.

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But here is the thing, many businesses don’t seem to understand that their page likes/follower number is only a number, it means very little!

Facebook is a community, and there is no secret or magic formula to instant success! Gaining hundreds of new page likes in a short space of time is only actually useful if ALL of these new page likes are within your target audience.

Build YOUR Community

Let us pose a question to you. Would you prefer to have an audience of 500 people who were interested in your business, products and services and who are likely to use your business either now or in the near future OR would you prefer to have an audience of 50,000 people who scroll past your posts paying them very little attention or even hide them from their timeline?

We’d hope you would prefer an interested 500 strong audience. People who will stop, react and engage with your posts.

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Surely a bigger audience is better!

The biggest issue with the post we spoke about earlier is the types of people being invited to join your audience.

How about an example? Let’s say your business is small nail salon based in Newcastle city centre. You ask your followers to invite everyone on their friends list. Pick out one of your followers who might do this for you. They click Invite All and BAM, they’ve invited their dad, uncle, great uncle, a vast number of male friends who think a manicure is just trimming their nails with the clippers, 138 people with whom they went to University. 112 of these people live in Plymouth, 8 live in Devon and the remaining 18 are scattered across the globe. None of these are YOUR audience. They’re people who will either ignore the request or will accept it and then begin to ignore your posts, the latter being the ones who will affect your page growth the most. They have all just become a pointless statistic on your business page.

So how can you grow your page?

Ensure that you are present and consistent! Post daily, at times when most of your followers are online (information you can get from your page insights).

Build relationships with your audience. If they comment on your content – reply! Have a conversation with them. Conversations with your audience can often highlight what they want to see from you and what you can do to convert their interest into a purchase.

If you feel like you need to, use a Facebook ad to speed up the process. You can target your adverts audience to be YOUR people, people who will be interested in what you do, what you have to say and will have conversations with you.

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Think about the type of content that you are posting. Does your post give knowledge, make people laugh or make them think? If not what’s the reason behind posting it? If you sell a service, why do people need your service? What are the issues or pain points which need your service as their solution? Once you find out what problems people face that your service fixes you can focus your content around helping them to minimise or resolve these pain points. If you sell a product, why do people need that product and what difference will it make to them and their lives?

We get it! Right now, we’re living in unprecedented times and we are all doing everything that we can do to ensure that we survive throughout this and come out of the other side strong and ready to go, but don’t undo all of the hard work up to this point by copying and pasting an invite all viral post. If you need any advice on how to grow your business on Social Media either organically or the best way to make use of Facebook ads for this purpose, get in touch. We’d love to have a conversation with you about it.