We don’t make the rules, they do!

Do you feel lost when it comes to keeping up with the latest Instagram algorithm updates? While these constant changes allow for growth, they also force you to stay on top of things in current time. Those who fall flat in keeping up with these changes risk ending up on the wrong side of the algorithm. This is why we’ve come up with a few dos and don’ts to assist you on your Instagram journey.


Do use relevant hashtags in your comment section

The Instagram algorithm loves the use of hashtags! They categorise your posts and push them out to the explore page to reach users who are most likely to interact with your account. However, you need to make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content you are posting. Random hashtags could push your content toward the wrong audience and decrease the engagement of your post.

Don’t overuse hashtags

Using hashtags on your Instagram post is a big yes, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of overusing them. This could result in restricting the categorisation of your posts and profile. This will inevitably prevent you from reaching the correct audience.

Do Tag

Tagging is a great way to engage with other brands and people! We all want to know where you were for that Instagrammable breakfast but some of us are just too afraid to ask. Location tagging lets your followers know where you are. It also increases your chances of being seen by people who have clicked on a tag for that location. Additionally, tagging a person or account in the photo adds to their ‘tagged’ photo section and displays your post to anyone who views this.


Do create original content

Instagram is not a fan of profiles that don’t use original content. They aim to push original content and are against profiles that push content from other pages. Creating original content goes hand in hand with making use of Instagram’s content suite. As it ensures the content has been created in Instagram. This also gives you access to a wide range of stickers, effects, and filters to make your posts more interesting and exciting.

Don’t post content with visible watermarks from other apps

Again, this links back to creating original content. If you post content displaying visible watermarks from other apps, for example, Tiktok, it’s a sure giveaway that your content was created in another app. Therefore is not original content. The algorithm does not take kindly to this. Your post won’t be seen as much, decreasing the reach of your content and profile.

Don’t post low-quality content

As the old saying goes, quality over quantity. If the content you are posting is of low standard and resolution, it is unlikely to gain engagement from your followers. This will result in your profile being more hidden by the Instagram algorithm. It could prevent a higher-quality post from being seen. It’s important to make sure the content you’re putting out is of a high standard and is going to make your followers want to interact with you and your account.


Do engage with your followers

Let your followers know that you see them! Interacting with your followers via comments, likes, and follows will allow your account to be picked up by the algorithm and push your content out to more users. This shows your followers that you care. This makes it more likely for them to engage with more of your content.

Don’t spam your followers

Don’t post like there is no tomorrow because there is! It’s great to have lots of ideas and content to share but there’s no need to get it out there all at once. This could have the opposite effect to what you’re hoping for and could push your followers towards clicking that ‘unfollow’ button. Alternatively, take your time and make sure you have a consistent posting schedule. Not only will this please your followers, but it will make Instagram’s algorithm very happy and will gain you more attention and engagement.

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