“Hello, how are you?”

Did you know a simple “Hello” can open doors to new opportunities for your business?

Networking has multiple benefits including increasing brand awareness, knowledge, and potential clients. Here at Social Plus, we use our brand Network + to plan events to create opportunities like this in and around our local area of Newcastle.

Here are 5 benefits of attending networking events.

#1 Friendship

Running a business in a competitive industry can, at times, feel lonely, and we believe in celebrating and supporting like-minded people in all industries. It not only makes work life more exciting, but it can also open doors to new connections for your business.

#2 Connections

Have you heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?”

Connecting with like-minded people in the industry allows companies to engage with other businesses that may offer a collaboration or service which may further your career.

This could be a new job opportunity, work collaboration, or being introduced to new potential clients. All of which have a positive outcome.

#3 Advice

As mentioned, networking is all about meeting like-minded people within the industry and being surrounded by successful supportive business owners and employees.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask local businesses for advice.

When asking for advice, it’s important to be sure that who you are asking is the right person. At the end of the day, not all businesses will be open to offering advice and some businesses may also offer poor advice.

We advise you to build your working relationships and gain confidence in attending network events to give your business the best chance to find and create long-lasting, supportive industry friendships.

#4 Referrals

Meeting new people within the industry can not only open doors, but they may also refer your business to people within their circle. This can increase your brand awareness at no financial cost and is a great way to meet even more like-minded people.

#5 Personal Development

A great benefit of attending networking events is not only building working relationships but being able to ask for honest business and personal feedback. This will allow you to view your work from an unbiased point of view and will help you improve your pitch and approach in industry and client situations.

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