Whenever you read a blog post, you always see the main points; post regularly, engage with your audience, and post high-quality content. The first two are quite self-explanatory. We talk about having a regular posting schedule a lot and how consistency is key and engaging with your audience just makes your followers feel seen and heard. But here at Social+, the one tip we always get asked about is the high-quality content!

But what is high-quality content?

Well, it’s a number of things from posting content for your niche to an interactive comment section.

Here are some Social Plus tips and tricks on how we create high-quality content.

#1 Image Quality

When scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok you always see content that is clear and easy on the eyes. The reason why content creators pay attention to this detail is that viewers are most likely to interact with clear content (high resolution) than blurred (low resolution).

Another way to improve image quality is by posting content with good contrast lighting. This is content with imagery which makes the most of the colour and shadows to highlight the most important parts of the image.

If an image is published with low lighting and a viewer needs to work out what the content is, then most likely this wouldn’t drive interaction.

There are ways to improve lighting at no cost and one of these is by using natural light.

#2 Content

Publishing content seems simple enough, but posting high-quality content is another story. When visiting a content creator’s page, you see a running theme and this is called a niche.

An account with a niche shows an interest and this can be in anything!

Cooking, music, sports, fashion, selling products.

Creating an account with a niche creates the opportunity to build an audience that loves the content you create. By building an audience which loves your content, you are creating an army of engaged followers.

Having a supportive audience, who regularly interacts, opens doors to creating even more engagement and a great way to start this is by…

#3 Interacting with your Followers

So how does interacting with followers improve image quality, well it doesn’t. But it does help you understand the content your audience wants to see, and this is how you create high-quality content.

The best tip we can offer is to create engaging captions that start conversations and to learn about what your audience loves to see. When followers comment on your posts, reply to them. Offering insight and education to your followers this way gives the impression that you care about what they think!

#4 Post when your audience is online

You could be posting amazing high-quality content but for some reason, you aren’t receiving the interaction you were hoping for.

Are you posting at the right time for your audience? Are those hashtags working for your content?

A way to check this as a business account is by reading your insights!

A way to check this on Instagram without owning a business account is by going to your story, swiping the option “Live” and without sharing live content you will be able to see how many people in your algorithm are only and would receive the notification.

#5 Be real with your audience

Our final Social Plus tip is to be natural, open, and honest with your audience and to post content you love to create! Read your insights, post at peak times, understand your audience and share your content by using hashtags to increase your reach to gain more supportive followers.

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