Friends is a show that we all know and love. From the loveable characters to the witty humour, I’m sure we can all relate to the struggle of adulting. Much like real life, Friends is a show that explores everything from relationship and friendships to just simply living. For the Social+ team, the office is the best place to spill the tea and gather life advice.

Here within the Social+ team we each have a distinct personality trait that links us to a specific Friends character – so who is who?

Emma – Chandler Bing

Blessing the office with her witty charm, Emma is our very own Chandler Bing. Her one liners are simple but effective and her effortless humour keeps things fun and light-hearted. Compassionate and kind, Emma is always there to support her fellow team members. Diligent and balanced, Emma is always up for a laugh and is the best person to go to in a crisis.

Emma’s witty charm is helpful in her daily role of networking and her cheerful outlook makes everyone feel at ease.

Danielle – Monica Gellar

In the true style of Monica Gellar, Danielle is a perfectionist and likes to do things in a specific way. A trait that works in her favour when creating client websites. With an eye for design, Danielle is the queen of building websites, and her competitive side ensures she is always staying on top of things and making them the best they can be.

Danielle’s noticeable organisational skills help to keep the team in check and her sarcastic sense of humour keeps them on their toes. Her witty banter bounces perfectly off Emma, our very own Chandler Bing – like Monica and Chandler, Emma and Danielle are a match made in heaven.

Rachel – Rachel Green

Emitting girl boss vibes, Rachel Green can most definitely match our Rachel’s attributes. We can always rely on our jet setter Rachel to provide us with the best festival outfits, even though they usually arrive the day before she leaves. Rachel’s sociable personality makes her perfect for her role of organising networking events and liaising with clients.

Bringing fun and humour to the office, her classic one liners never fail to entertain the rest of the team. Like Rachel Green, Rachel is both stylish and spontaneous and prefers to take life as it comes and live in the moment.

Caitlin – Phoebe Buffay

Much like Phoebe, Caitlin has a bubbly personality, and her positivity is infectious. With a not-so-subtle wild side, the team never know whether they’ll be faced with a marketing girl style icon or a verging more on the homeless chic kind of vibe.

Our coffee addict Caitlin, works on managing social accounts, writing blogs and can most likely be found running around the office trying to get people to partake in the company TikTok’s.

Elena – Rachel Green

Another Rachel in our midst, the Social+ team is lucky enough to have not one but two Rachel personality types. Elena is our resident put together ‘it girl’ and we can always count on her to show up in style. You will usually find Elena managing social accounts, creating content, writing blogs and much more! With eye for photography and the best lighting, her work is always very much on point just like Rachel Green.


Each member of the Social+ team can relate to Joey in the sense that we all love food – just check our bins at the end of the week.


The Ross of our team is yet to be determined. Maybe the next member of the Social+ team will embody the traits of Ross.

Each Friends character has a diverse personality and I’m sure there is traits of each of them in us all.

Which Friends character are you?

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