Instagram is exploring more ways to refine its Reels recommendations. The app has done this by testing a new ‘add topics’ feature in the uploading Reels process. Some users are now able to add a specific topic to their Reels. This has the aim of better categorising their videos.

The new Instagram test feature

The new test feature has the goal of helping Instagram’s users connect to other users who share similar interests more easily.

This could benefit businesses as it provides another way for the platform to present content to a more interested audience. Furthermore, it could result in helping brands to connect with more people who are likely to be interested in their brand/content.

The rise of video content on Instagram

As we all know, Instagram has been pushing its video content and has recently flooded our feeds with Reels.

However, this initial flood of Reels had the effect of irritating Instagram users. In response to this, the app did dial back on the number of reels users were receiving in their feeds.

Since the newly added feature of Reels was introduced to the snapshot loved app, the time users have spent interacting with Reels over image content has increased by 20%! Instagram loves to see its users interacting with this new feature. Therefore, it is pushing the new feature more than ever to compete with the trend-setting app Tiktok

Instagram’s competitors have demonstrated that social media users tend to stick around on the app longer if they are being presented with more content that is relevant to their interests.

As noted from research by Hype Auditor, Reels have the highest estimated reach distribution on Instagram. Comments on Instagram are still most popular on images at 30%. However, comments on reels are following closely behind at 28%.

How can a small business benefit from using Instagram Reels

It is no shock that Instagram is trying to push more video content after the success of Tiktok.

So… the question is, how can your business take advantage of Instagram Reels?

Increased visibility

With Instagram increasingly pushing video content, Reels provide another way to reach your target audience. The new optional ‘Add topics’ feature will supposedly further categorise content and make sure it is being seen by the right people.

Increased Discoverability

Public Reels may also appear on Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page, distributing your content to users outside of your followers. This will increase your brand awareness and will also help you in getting more engagement which will push your content further through Instagram’s algorithm.

Create meaningful content

Unlike a 15-second Instagram story, a Reel will allow you to upload a video for up to 90-seconds. Reels will give you the option to add music and filters to your content. These enhanced video features will increase the quality of your content and drive further engagement as a result.

Sharing Instagram Reels

If your business is using a public Instagram account, you can share your Reel to a dedicated space on the explore page. Here, it has the opportunity to be seen by a wider Instagram audience.

Increased Follower Engagement

Instagram has continued to push Reels since their release as a new feature and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. By using Reels, the algorithm will promote this feature by promoting your content to more of your audience. This will help to increase your engagement as your content is being seen by the right people who are likely to interact. This will then push your content further up the algorithm, leading more users to engage with it.

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