Aligning your website and social media not only helps to create a clear brand identity but has many other benefits. We’re going to take you through a few dos and don’ts when it comes to aligning your digital components.

Consistency is key

In the world of business, competition is fierce.

Especially in the digital world, it’s not just enough to have an aesthetically pleasing website anymore.

When it comes to cutting through the digital noise, you need to stand out and convey a clear brand message.

One way of doing this is to build a consistent brand identity. This means that all digital components of your brand should work alongside and complement each other.

It’s no good if your website says you do one thing, and your social media says another. This could result in confusion for both current and potential customers.

Brand consistency helps your customers to distinguish your brand from another. Furthermore, it helps to build trust as a well-aligned brand is more recognisable and reliable to its customers.

When it comes to aligning your social media with your website, there are a few simple dos and don’ts:

Do create brand guidelines

Your brand guidelines are the constitution of your brand. They make it easier for employees to understand your brand which helps to keep things consistent. Additionally, they allow your customers to identify your brand.

Logos, fonts, colours, spatial proportions, and tone of voice are all part of your brand guidelines. It is these components that make your web design and social posts identifiable as part of your brand.

Using the same design components throughout your website and social media helps to create a consistent brand identity.

Don’t ignore the power of social media

It’s hard to believe that in today’s day and age there are still some businesses that don’t use social media.

The use of social media is constantly growing and therefore it can be a great tool for businesses.

Not only does social media allow you to advertise your products and services but it can also be used to build trust between businesses and customers.

You can link your social media accounts to your website which will also help to improve search engine optimisation (SEO). Improving your SEO will make your website more visible in search engine rankings which is how customers will find your business.

The benefits of using social media for your business are endless and those who don’t are missing out!

Do create original content

Social media platforms are not the biggest fan of profiles that don’t use original content. The algorithms aim to push original content and do not like when accounts push content from other pages.

Original content also sets your brand apart and is more likely to engage your audience. You need to create both original content for your website and social media whilst making sure they reflect one another.

Don’t post low-quality content

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase quality over quantity.

If you are posting a low standard of content with low resolution, you are more likely to lose engagement and followers. Furthermore, this will result in your social media accounts being hidden by the algorithm.

Low-quality content could damage your brand reputation and is unlikely to help your business grow.

Alternatively, putting out high-quality content on both your website and socials will make your brand more reputable.

Higher quality content is more likely to gain interaction and raise your brand awareness.

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